Monday, February 26, 2007

Effin' Blogger - redux

I'm totally depressed about having to switch this blog. My other one is mostly fine because it's a newer template but this template is now such a mess I don't know how I'm ever going to fix it. I barely have time to post, much less figure out what's wrong and try to figure out the html to make it better. I'm told it's not hard to import to Wordpress and the old blog could really use a facelift but I don't know.

This blog is like a comfortable pair of blue jeans to me. You know that one pair that really fits just right and you feel great when you wear them? I usually wear those till they literally fall off me. I'm not big on major changes. I'm wondering if I could just change the template instead. In the old version, it meant losing everything in the all blog. If they fixed that in this new version, I'd forgive Blogger for making me switch.



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