Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Counting the hours

Well, I'm still crawling through this rotation. Yesterday was brutal, I barely got a break and I don't expect the next two to get any better. But on the bright side, the weather has finally turned. The tang of arctic air has disappeared from the wind and instead we're feeling tropical breezes again. I left the house before dawn this morning in just my fleece.

Today is supposed to be cloudy but they're predicting 70s and sunshine tomorrow and nothing freezing for the foreseeable future. One hopes, it will follow the pattern of the last couple of years and spring has really arrived. I'm certainly ready for it. The last cold snap was hell on my knees and they haven't troubled me since I arrived here.

My daffodils survived the cold snap too and were looking pretty happy in the headlights as I left the house but otherwise, I have nothing of interest to tell you since I can't talk about my work. I'm about to plow into my email though, so I hope I'll have time to at least post some quick hits on what's going on in the drug war before the bedlam starts around here. Otherwise, I'll be back when I can get here.


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