Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stormy Sunday

It was a brutally ugly day here. Raw and cold and raining. We didn't get the big ice storm they were all excited about though. I saw a few tiny icicles on the cart rack in the parking lot at the grocery store and one SUV had ice on its headlights so I guess it hit somewhere but not in my microuniverse. I shouldn't count it out yet though. It could well freeze overnight.

Still I figure winter is just about over. It's going to be yucky for another week but my daffodils are blooming and the grass is starting to grow where I had the big bonfire. I keep meaning to take a picture of that. It's really quite an impressive swatch of scorched earth.

It's been one of those low key days. I went through a lot of junk mail. I shouldn't let it pile up but when I'm working I just weed out the good mail and leave the rest for later. It's always much later but I can't just throw it out because sometimes there's something that looks like junk mail but is really your new bank card, which I managed to rescue out of the mountain of credit card offers, insurance offers, pitches for telecom services of every kind and invitations from the AARP and other fine organizations looking for money.

And speaking of working, I'm scheduled tomorrow right through Thursday so I'm off to bed for an early call in the morning.

Otherwise, I've got nothing to say tonight.


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