Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rounding up the drug war news

Thanks to the lovely Lisa for passing on this link to Radley Balko's drug war roundup. I would have missed this one and it's got some great items including probably the first ever death sentence for a member of any Middle Eastern royal family for drug offenses and another really good reason to hate Mitt Romney.

It seems somehow appropriate that a fascist minded jerk like Mitt would hire our old pal Mel Sembler - the cretinous mastermind behind the teen torture centers called Straight Inc. - as his chief fundraiser. They both should be rotting in a Straight Inc. style program for eternity.

And while I'm thinking about drug war roundups, I know I've been hopelessly lax about drug war news here myself but I hope all my drug policy reform readers are checking in at ReLoad regularly where thehim does a magnificent regular roundup he crossposts to Kos in addition to his excellent daily coverage of the drug news at ReLoad. I, and others, failed to bring the drug war to that crowd and thehim deserves much acclaim for getting the Kossacks to pay attention to the issue.


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