Thursday, January 18, 2007

Prohibition takes down another football player

Another football player falls under marijuana prohibition.
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was reluctant to throw away his 20-ounce water bottle at a Miami International Airport security checkpoint Wednesday morning.

The reason, police say: The plastic bottle had a secret compartment that, when opened, had a dark residue and a pungent odor of marijuana.
He balked at throwing away the bottle and some do gooder TSA screener fished it out of the trash and got him busted despite the fact they recognized him as a football player and he was obviously not a terrorist.

For this we wait in these ridiculously long lines and take our shoes off? And don't you think while the screeners were busy tittering away about bagging the big, bad, dope smoking football player, a real terrorist could have easily escaped notice? Not to mention the dogs you see in airports are more likely to be sniffing for drugs than bombs. They can't be trained to do both.

Isn't it time for our airport security to get their priorities straight and leave the drug consumers alone?


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