Friday, January 26, 2007

Desperate prohibitionists endanger us all

The prohibitionists will stop at nothing to justify their failed war. Faced with the dismal results of all their other failed eradication and interdiction programs, the prohibs in the Congress now want to unleash a deadly fusarium fungus in the coca producing countries that we won't allow in the US because it's too dangerous.
Fusarium oxysporum, for example, comes from a family that includes hundreds of fungi that can attack everything from corn to watermellons. One strain of Fusarium wilt is responsible for the current epidemic killing Los Angeles' iconic palm trees. In 1999, Florida's secretary of environmental protection rejected a proposal to use Fusarium oxysporum to attack the state's marijuana crop due to fears that the mycoherbicide could mutate and destroy legitimate crops like tomatoes, peppers, and flowers.
This proposition is not only idiotic, it's inhumane and criminally irresponsible. These people would rather destroy the planet than admit they're wrong and try a new approach to drug policy. Who votes for these maniacs?

[h/t Michael Krawitz]


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