Friday, January 26, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

It was so cold last night I could smell the Canadian air. There was arctic ice in that wind. Nothing like up north, where I understand the wind chill put it at 30 below, but like no other air I've breathed in here. It was so cold the water in the glass pie pan I was using for a bird bath froze and broke the dish.

Or maybe it was the mammoth crows pecking at it, as they've taken to doing lately. Man, those puppies are big. One was eyeing me this morning when I took out the recycling. I could see he was sizing me up to see if I was worth flying away from. Frankly, he's so huge, I think he could take me. I don't hate crows but I have to say sometimes these guys bring up visions of Hitchcock's movie. The cardinals are much more fun.

Meanwhile, I'm glad to be in a warm house and hope I stay awake long enough to watch House tonight. I can't believe that nasty cop is just going to walk away and it appears the good doctor hasn't really rehabbed very much if I read the brilliant ending right.

I love the closing scenes in that show. There's never any dialogue but they always say so much.



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