Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame...

This time for real, I'm back on the work rotation and the first day is always a killer. It takes a couple of days to adjust to waking up at the crack of dawn again after all the delicious mornings of rolling out of bed at 9:00. Nonetheless, I was doing great with the time management tonight, fully intending to put up a couple of pithy posts but I frittered away the hour in a rare phone call with my friend Michael from Boston.

Eat your heart out baseball fans. He managed to snag tickets to seven Red Sox games. Now Mike is the king of tix procurement and he had a hard time doing it. All the fair weather fans bought them up now that they won the World Series.

Funny, I don't get the games on TV and I don't get a daily paper anymore, so I'm not even following the season yet this year. I was excited last week when I randomly checked the standings to see the Sox and Mets were both in number one but Mike tells me the Sox have already slipped again. It's almost June. I guess I should start paying some attention.


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