Monday, May 01, 2006

Small stuff

I'm whipped from being outside so I'm not going to post tonight. It was a gorgeous day. It's been very springlike with clear air, blue skies and warm sun. Ortega came and did the yard yesterday so I lost all the wildflowers but it was time. It was getting jungly enough out there to harbor snakes and ticks and who knows what else. It looks very respectable again. I still have the brush pile to burn. It got so big I'm almost afraid to light it. If it sets the tree on fire, I'll feel pretty dumb.

I think I have more birds this year. I have a really giant redheaded woodpecker and two pairs of cardinals. Seems like there are more mocking birds and a wider variety of wrens and sparrows. They're not hanging around the window as much this time of year although one of the male cardinals practically flew through it yesterday. I think he was going to fight with his reflection. There seem to be a lot of fights. I saw two little guys whose species I couldn't identify really going at it in the bush right outside. At first I thought it was a squirrel they made such a odd chitter. The victor seemed very pleased with himself.

I should put a bird feeder in that shrub, it's tall enough but I'm saving the space for the hummingbird feeder instead. They're the ones I most want to attract.


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