Sunday, May 21, 2006

Old friends...

The Woodmont was a secret place that came alive in the wee hours of the morning. After the bars closed and the bands packed up, people found themselves sitting around this famous table with various musical instruments in their hands. Bruce Tull would head the table, sitting at his pedal steel guitar, and his mesmerizing tones would create a soundscape background, blurring conversation into song and back again. On this particular night Zeke Fiddler had his hi-tech camera with him and created this moody candlelit film. As Ohlenbusch began to play, Bruce chimed in, Steve Desaulnier picked up his bass, and Kevin O'Rourke grabbed a guitar...
I picked this up from Henning's blog. I believe this was shot in Bruce's kitchen. There's a shot of Bruce, famed pedal steel picker and former Scud Mountain Boy, at the very end of the video. Bruce and Kevin and I were all bartenders at the Baystate Hotel, which was the center of what was left of the music scene in Noho in those years.

Bruce is probably the most nervous person I've ever met in my life. A perpetual motion machine, but brilliant, both intellectually and musically. I loved him and everyone else in the video, like my own family. And I always did love that song. I must have heard it performed live, almost a thousand times...

Sometimes, I really miss those kids.


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