Saturday, May 27, 2006

Delivered from the arms of Morpheus

I just lost it yesterday. I didn't blog a thing and passed out at a ridiculously early hour. Slept like a rock for 11 hours and now I'm all foggy from too much sleep. Had some incredibly vivid dreams filled with an old lover and TV production crews.

So I'm wandering around the cyberworld trying to get my brain working and see that I rudely ignored a post written especially for me in a foreign land.

It's a odd thing. When I was very young I wanted to travel on safari to the heart of deepest, darkest Africa kind of a la Bogie and Hepburn in the African Queen, but I lost interest in the continent when they renamed the Belgian Congo. Zaire didn't sound so appealling a destination and they put all the wild animals into nature preserves as they developed the jungles.

Perhaps I was too hasty in my judgement. Kees Kennis, which I think is African for son of a baboon or something, has renewed my interest in African travel. I think the guy may be certifiably crazy, which is why I'm adding him to the Drunks and Poets. He'll fit right in there. But, if you forgive the occassional wild beast schlong shots, he posts some great photos.

Thanks for the beach shots Kees.


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