Friday, May 05, 2006

Creature's comforts

This time of year, for most of my life, it would be more usual to see bears than bugs. I miss that. Bears are more dangerous but I'm lot more scared of bugs. I mean, you see a bear, you know what you're dealing with and mostly if you leave them alone, they're going to do the same for you.

Can't say that for bugs. Those insidious little critters are going to get you or die and they're so small you might not even see the guy that gets you. Still I try to give the larger non-aggressive ones a break when I can. I have this idea that insects are like the borg. They have this collective knowledge and what happens to one is known by all of them. Before you sneer at that theory consider this. I told how I saved that giant bumblebee the other day. Ever since then not one has buzzed me like were before I saved that one. I swear they were chasing me before that but just yesterday there was one buzzing around the deck that I swear was protecting me instead. He was buzzing around the periphery chasing away other bugs.

With that in mind it may make more sense to hear that I saved a spider's life yesterday. I don't hate spiders. I like that they kill other more disgusting bugs but I am rather terrified of them here because there's poisonous ones and I don't know the difference. So you can imagine my fright when I turned around and found one hanging off the ceiling at eye level. Tell the truth I would have killed it if it was on a hard surface but it was just hanging there. I collected a large glass and a piece of cardboard and it was still hanging there motionless in exactly the same spot so I caught it and let it go outside. I'm hoping it will have the effect as it did on the bees and the buggers will leave me alone now.

In the interim, I had a moth on the screen porch. It was a little brown thing and for 36 hours it sat motionless on the screen. I wasn't sure if it was alive or even it was a moth. In a certain light it looked like a piece of oak leaf stuck there. But when I came out the next morning it was flying around. Moths don't bother me and I suppose I could have let him starve to death inside the porch but I saved his life with the glass trick too, just because I could.


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