Saturday, April 22, 2006

Target practice

So I got into a troll fight today. It's a long thread but here's the the backstory.

This was of many threads started over a religious rally on the green to promote the dissolution of the separation of church and state. The troll, emoore, jumped in around page 7 or so on this one. I'm new in this forum at my old home town newspaper. The troll has a long history with the regs there.

He's a real jerk. I made an offhand remark to someone else about rightwingers who whine about insults while spewing their own bile, so I guess technically I started it but the guy is creepy. He makes inappropriate sexual references all the time. I suspect he gets his jollies from "talking dirty" on the forums.

So we got into it, during the course of which he called me a wide assortment of derogatory names as only a ten year old can, including accusing me of "sucking male members at bus stations." I of course, never being one to back down from a fight, not only unhorsed him but dismembered him limb by limb with my acidic wit.

His final weak parry was this.
Kum buy yer, hur?
I moved in for the kill and posted: Were you going for incomprehensible there or is that Pig Latin for, "Could you please tell my mommy I wet my pants again?"

He declared victory and slunk away. His last post.
High libby, I checked out your blog very interesting the way you talk to yourself. We gang it has been fun but again I proved you to be ignorant biggots with no minds or thought patterns. You came back to your normal flying monkey routine.

Well until the next time you need to be brought out in the open I leave you in piece.
By the way, this guy claims to be a teacher and to have been the benefactor of a $100,000 education. He's probably a 14 year dropout with no friends. But I'm almost going to miss him. Guys like him pop up like clay pigeons at a skeet range in Detroit but I can't take them down there for a number of reasons. I hate to admit it felt good to finally take my shot at one of these idiots and blow him to smithereens.


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