Sunday, April 30, 2006

May I have blogroll please...

I'm still plugging along trying to get the blogroll updated. Along with the new Music Makers, all of whom are friends of mine, I'm adding these three women to a new section I'm calling Girl Talk. They don't do politics or drug reform; they're slice of life bloggers with interesting points of view. I expect I'll add a few more as time goes on, but you gotta start somewhere, so say hello to:

The lovely Lisa W at Lemons and Lollipops. Lisa is a prolific commenter on a lot of blogs I read regularly (including the occassional comment here) and she finally started her own blog recently. She's got a great outlook on life and is not afraid to disclose those tantalizing little personal secrets like her tickle fetish. Check it out.

Stevie at Caught in the X-Fire is no nonsense blogger who spills her daily life onto the page and is prone to cuss words. I don't always agree with her thinking but she's kick-ass honest and I admire that a lot. It's her birthday today so go on over and wish her a great one.

Last but certainly not least, the very young but worldly Alena has been a long time commenter here. She reminds me a lot of myself at her age. A smart women who occassionally does stupid stuff and has an overdeveloped sense of adventure. Check out her ongoing chronicle of a life well lived.


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