Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm having internet issues today. I hear there's a big denial of service attack on all the idiot bloggers who thought it would be cool to infuriate Muslims by posting rude cartoons of Mohammed, but that shouldn't affect me since I didn't do it and spoke out against the lamebrains that thought this was appropriate conduct in a civilized society. Not to mention it seems to be centered on a different host server.

It could just be the customary crap-out of the connection here. Time Warner is just as bad as Comcast ever was for reliability, although I have to admit it's been happening more often since I started blogging about internet neutrality so I don't deny that I'm somewhat paranoid that this is some kind of corporate payback. Whatever it is, it's working momentarily now so I'm just going to post these couple of leftover photos from my walk the other afternoon.

This yard is my favorite in the hood. It looks like it should be in the Southwest instead of here and they have the only cactus I've ever seen growing outside this far north. This puppy is big and it's just gorgeous.

I'm waiting for this bud to bust into a flower. I figure it should be any time now, after the soaking rain we finally had in the last couple of days. I think it's going to be impressive.


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