Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm glad I wasn't raking when this puppy came down. That would have hurt. It's bigger than it looks in the photo and it was pretty heavy when I dragged it over to the brush pile. It was still mostly live wood. I love that beech tree but it's not in good shape. It's got a huge split in the trunk and it's always dropping major branches. I'm glad it's by the road and not by the house.

On a brighter note, I discovered a little patch of coreopsis has volunteered to bloom in the lawn. I'm glad Ortega didn't show up today. I hope he doesn't show up early tomorrow so I can go out and rescue them before he mows. I think I'm going to transplant them to the garden for now. The strawberries didn't come back because of the deer decimation last summer so I have lots of room and this seems to be a variety that doesn't spread as fast as some of the others.

Maybe I'll try transplanting some of the really blue bluets as well. I always lose them when the mowing season starts and I think they'll bloom for a while yet if I can get them moved without shocking them horribly. Guess it's worth a shot because I'll lose them either way.

Photos from the walk I took this afternoon are here.


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