Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Yeah success!!!

Yesterday was probably the worst day I've had in decades. I'll have all the gory details later on that but my luck has apparently finally turned again. I'm at least posting to the blog using the new laptop. I figured out the WEP key to get on the family's wifi without having to call the ISP and I managed to switch from the unsecured default network with the crappy signal that I automatically connected to this morning, (who knows where that came from, it wasn't there last night), to the secured one inside the house. Of course it took hours to do what a technogeek could have done in minutes but I did it by myself and feeling pretty buff about it.

Anyway, I'm liking the laptop now that I'm finally using it. It's something of an adjustment to get used to the reduced screen and keyboard again but so far it appears to have the speed and functionality I wanted.

I'll be posting more often once I get a little better set up.


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