Saturday, March 26, 2005

Underwater ventures

Colombia authorities, after watching its construction for the last six months, seized a submarine believed to be owned by the Norte del Valle cartel to be used for smuggling cocaine "under the radar" and out to sea.

"The ingenuity of drug traffickers is amazing. They will seek any way to avoid the coast guard," Eduardo Fernandez, head of Colombia's secret police in Valle del Cauca state, told the Associated Press.
What does he expect them to do, deliver the drugs to the Coast Guard directly? One wonders how the US can claim to be making such a dent in the supply of cocaine when the cartels can still afford to undertake such projects.

In spite of the six month investigation, no arrests were made. It appears that the Colombian government is more interested in receiving the Plan Colombia funding from the US than it is in eliminating the cartels but who can blame them. Between the bribes from the cartels and the funding, they make a pretty good bundle on prohibition, not to mention the added perks from the US for their help in perpetrating this fraud known as the war on some drugs.


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