Saturday, March 19, 2005

UK making hay with bad science

Well it didn't take long for the prohibitionists to latch onto the bogus study on marijuana causing psychosis. Reuters reports today, "The British government said on Saturday it had asked for an assessment of its decision to ease the rules on cannabis after studies showed the drug's use may be linked to mental health problems."

Home Secretary Charles Clarke admits that the reclassification has not lead to increased consumption but that didn't stop him from writing to the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs, asking them to review the downgrade to a relatively low risk C category. "I think there is merit in the Advisory Council assessing whether their position is at all changed by the emerging evidence," Clarke wrote.

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett who was responsible for the reclassification defended the change, saying it would give police more time to tackle dealers and prosecute cases involving more serious drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. That much has been proven by legitimate studies to be true.


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