Monday, March 14, 2005

Sunny Sunday

I've been off-line because Blogger was having some serious publishing issues this weekend. Here's hoping this makes it to the blog.

It was a gorgeous day here yesterday. I thought twice about wearing a sweater. Being somewhat desperate for new clothes, I decided to finally venture out of town to the bigger city. The shopping center was only ten miles away and I figured out how to get there on the back roads so it was a lovely drive. There's some beautiful houses and farms out in the back country here. It still astounds me to see all the daffodils and forsythias in bloom so soon and I even saw a flowering tree of some kind that just started to bust out in blossoms.

I hate shopping though and apparently so does my car. By the time I got within striking distance of the store, my car started doing that crazy stalling thing again. It must have stopped running at least six times while I was driving down the road. Fortunately, I could just throw it into neutral and get it going again but it was a little tense. Oddly, when I was on my home, it didn't stall once. I guess it was glad to get out of the city as well.

The good news is that I managed to find some stuff worth buying so it was worth the trouble.


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