Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rites of spring

Happy day to those of you who celebrate Easter. I forgot today was the holiday so rather than try to get the wireless set up I decided to tidy up the place a bit, starting with some odd stuff I've been meaning to post about.

There's this funny item on John Ashcroft. It seems on foreign airlines, the flight movies are often edited during dubbing to remove curse words. Someone with an obviously refined sense of humor decided to replace the word a**hole with the name Ashcroft, in other words the gangster says, "Take this you f-ing Ashcroft!!!" You have to love it. Ashcroft didn't return calls when queried on whether he thought his name made an acceptable curse. Personally I think it's the perfect choice.

On another note, for those who love these silly things, here's a little quiz from the BBC to test your knowledge about the origins of Easter.


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