Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mellow yellows

Well they are no better at predicting the weather here than they were in Noho. I had planned to get some work done inside the house. It was supposed to get cold and windy and maybe even rain this afternoon but instead it turned into a lovely spring day. I hate to even talk about it, knowing my friends are suffering through yet another snowstorm, but it's still a miracle to me to find myself outside raking the lawn at this time of year.

My daffodils are finally fading but they are blooming everywhere in town. My neighbor has a patch that's electrifying. It some big Dutch variety that's so bright yellow it glows in the dusk. Meanwhile the bluets are spreading, the trout lilies are popping up everywhere in front and the back yard is full of violets. I actually found two tiny little flowers popping out of the middle of what passes for a lawn here. And my other neighbor's forsythias are in flower.

The hawk flew in this morning to sit in "his" tree. He was rather agitated; squawking about something when he arrived but he settled down and hung out in silence while I had my coffee. The crows were in a state today as well. Three of them circled right overhead this afternoon with much cawing and were so low their shadows looked big on the ground. It reminded me of the frigates at the beach.


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