Friday, March 11, 2005

Marijuana buzz begins in the Silver State

The debate in Nevada over the marijuana bill has already sparked some discussion and media interest. Great video coverage here of Pierre Werner who runs a respectable grow-op that provides the herb to registered MMJ patients and is working towards opening a cannabis club in Las Vegas. He figures, "The tourism on this would be incredible. Tax revenue would shoot through the roof, funding education and law enforcement as well."
Werner says he's bipolar and pot is his medicine. He can legally smoke the stuff everyday because he's registered in the state's medical marijuana program. "Law enforcement needs to be concerned about murders, rapists and robbers, not plant huggers."
He believes it's only a matter of time until Nevadans come to their senses and legalize marijuana. In the interim, it appears he's building a successful business model to demonstrate how the small entrepreneurial market could work with specialty growers.


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