Sunday, March 27, 2005

If prohibitionist press releases were honest

Speaking of Ashcroft, according to the buzz, SCOTUS is expected to release their decision on Angel Raich's medical marijuana case against him in the next few days. The prohibition vultures are already circling the press. Prohibition profiteer, the Drug Free America Foundation put a press release on the wire offering immediate comment, the very moment the decision is made public. Allow me to translate it for you. Edits will all be mine.

Drug Free America Foundation is the leading opponent of what we call medical-fraud "medical acceptance will expose us as frauds" marijuana.
With over 20 years experience in the drug policy prohibition profiteering field, Fay maintains: "There is no You must ignore all evidence proving there is a valid medical use for raw (smoked) marijuana. Proponents relentlessly fight to prove we cynically exploit the terminally ill to perpetrate a hoax based on prohibitionist fiction. Their goal is back-door legalization of a dangerous, addictive substance plant which can be grown for free and we can't control, that has been employed medicinally to good effect for over 5,000 years ."

Founded in 1995, Drug Free America Foundation is dedicated to has made a fortune in donations and grants by fighting drug use, drug addiction and drug trafficking and to promoting effective predictably deficient and cruel drug policies, preventing education and are dedicated to the prevention of profit loss. It is equally committed to exposing the preventing the exposure of our distortions and misrepresentations of valid scientific evidence presented by legalizers and we fear their deceptive tactics irritating insistence on facts over our propaganda, including medical exposing our fraud on medical marijuana.

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