Friday, March 04, 2005

Home for the weekend

Blogging has been a bit erratic this week because my schedule unexpectedly changed and I was needed at the family homestead. I'm off before dark today though so I finally got to check out the latest blooms in the yard. The same daffodils are still blooming. I'm amazed that they last so long here and there's been some cold nights where I wake in the morning and they're lying on the ground looking frozen but by the afternoon they seem to pick themselves up and keep going. Inspiring tenacity but the real excitement of the day is the two trout lilies that bloomed while I was away. A lot more plants have also erupted from the moss. It appears the whole corner of the yard will be full of them.

Meanwhile, my cardinals are back. I hadn't seen them in over a week and I was afraid they had moved on. No sign of my gray flycatcher though. He apparently found a new home.


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