Friday, March 25, 2005

Getting back on track

Sorry the posting has been off last week. I've been putting in long days with the family and internet access was a problem, one that should be solved at any moment. According to the tracking info, my laptop is due to arrive today. Makes me glad the weather report was so wrong. It was supposed to be sunny but it's going to rain instead so I won't mind being stuck in the house waiting for the delivery.

Meanwhile, knowing that a lot of you are still dealing with snow, I don't really want to tell you that the magnolias burst into bloom seemingly overnight and my yard continues to morph into a wildflower garden. It feels like spring is accelerated here. I have a feeling it's going to be short and we'll be into the heat of summer all too soon.

Bird sighting of the week was a magnificent redheaded woodpecker who obligingly perched on the sunny side of the tree and chattered away for a few minutes. It was kind of funny. As he sat there talking, all the little wren type birds flew into the trees around him. It felt like he was the professor lecturing the children at bird school. Then the cardinal showed up and they got into a debate of some sort. It was most civilized though. First one would speak and then the other answered and occasionally the little guys would chatter among themselves. This is why I love living in the country again.


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