Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I had to deal with car insurance today and a few other errands so I ended up at the other bar in town while I was waiting for my legal pharmacueticals. It's a fancier joint with an Irish theme that opens earlier for the after work crowd. It's tiny but has a good menu and a nice vibe. There was a motley assortment of regulars. My young friend from the blues bar, Evans was there and I met several other locals. Marty the pianist who loves airplanes and I had a great conversation about skydiving. His lovely wife Katherine who owns the local jewelery store joined us, so I stayed because it was so great to talk to folks close to my own age who didn't feel alien to my life experience.

I guess I found the friendly crowd here. One of the local lawyers and a couple of girls having birthdays also engaged me in conversation. I had this moment when I looked around the room where it didn't feel so different from the after work crowd in lovely downtown Noho. I think I'll be alright here.


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