Sunday, March 06, 2005

Don't blame the plants for RCMP tragedy

There's been a whole slew of press on the tragic deaths of the RCMP officers in Canada. I'm not even going to try to link to it. Media Awareness Projectin event has the whole lot archived and you can peruse it for hours there. I am going to link to this piece however that finally establishes the grow being labeled as "billion dollar" and "huge" by the press and prohibitionists actually consisted of 20 plants. No mention of how mature they were. It could be they were only seedlings.

Even if they were mature, this is not a commercial grow. This is one crazy guy on a farm who steals trucks and grew a little pot for himself. As I noted before, the cannabis consumption probably kept him from committing violence in the past. It certainly didn't cause it.

My gut reaction from the start has been that this had nothing to do with cannabis. As the facts slowly emerge, it becomes clear that the pot was incidental to the case. The police were there to repossess a truck and discovered stolen car parts and the plants accidentally. One doubts they would have expended that kind of manpower for the sole reason of such a tiny grow. The four men didn't die because of the grow, they died because of a botched investigation of a person known to be seriously disturbed with a propensity for violence against authorities. My guess is there's a greater chance he went out and got drunk while he was on the run, rather than stop to smoke a joint.

By the way there's also a poll at this link on the right side bar asking if legalization would have prevented these deaths. Even though the grow didn't cause them, if the press wants to continue the fiction that it did, let's at least use the opportunity to be heard. The legalization side was still losing at the time of the post. Please take a moment to vote.


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