Saturday, March 05, 2005

Cannabis-cooking granny to run for MP

I love this. The cannabis granny is back in the news. Optimistically looking beyond her sentencing hearing on possession charges next week to remaining a free woman, she intends to run for political office as a candidate of The Legalise Cannabis Alliance. Seems she has become the poster girl for elderly self medicating cannabis consumers. I wouldn't be surprised if she won it.

Since pleading guilty to possessing cannabis in January, Mrs Tabram has become the face of an elderly generation who take the drug for medicinal purposes. And her small semi-detached bungalow in Humshaugh has become a campaigning headquarters.

In the interim she's embarked a letter writing campaign to every other MP in the country, spending afternoons in her kitchen stuffing envelopes with the help of friends. "Accompanying each of the 659 letters is a nine-page report into the side-effects of prescribed drugs." She's hoping to convince even one of them.

I love that spirit.


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