Friday, March 25, 2005

Angels we have heard on high...

I'm so far behind that I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of reading I have to catch up on, but as they say, no way out but through, so let me start with a belated but hearty "welcome to the Bloggerhood" to a brand new drug policy reform website - Nephalim's Drug War Revealed.

Nephalim is customarily defined as "fallen angels" but in this case I think it must mean "angel who fell from heaven to bless the drug policy reform movement." Previously unknown to me, our Nephalim has been an ambassador for the movement as a Kos reg and has now created a Kos style community for reformers. He claims the site is still under construction but it already looks way better than Last One Speaks, so one can only imagine how great the final product will be.

Nephalim and I are on the same page in terms of legalization but all are welcome regardless of political position. The site looks destined for big success and we're honored to be included in his recommended reads. Check it out. Here's a forum where you can speak out on the issue through the diaries without the responsibility of maintaining a personal site. Join the community and add to the discussion.


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