Monday, February 21, 2005

You're welcome Scott. So happy I could help build your traffic up while you were away

It's been a long day so I'm just reading the comments from the TongueTied fans that came over to gloat over getting me kicked off the blog. I got news for you kids, we were both set up. I wasn't pissed off about it though until I read this insulting post.

Let me remind Crumpy and the rest of the gloaters that I didn't hack my way into that blog, Scott invited me in. He was well aware of my politics and my style. As these posts will attest, I was completely honest and I had no expectations.

But I didn't post everything I said to him - yet. He knew exactly what would happen when he threw two left wing bloggers alone into that bandwidth with absolutely no editorial guidelines because I told him. I smelled a trap from the get go here, but I couldn't figure out what the payoff was. Let's face it, I'm no prize catch in and of myself. So being insatiably curious, I stepped into it.

Not to mention, I pitched my participation to him in the first place as a challenge to him personally. I thought I had finally found a courageous blogger of opposite politics who could rise to an intellectual discourse. How disappointing to find that he didn't have the "gravitas" for the debate after all. And how sad that it turned out his angle was a cheezy short term ploy to build a bigger audience from which to beg for money.


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