Sunday, February 27, 2005

Way to Go Grits

I'm just catching up on my reading this afternoon and see big congratulations are in order for Scott at Grits for Breakfast who is co-winner in the Best Single Issue Blog category of the Koufax awards - sharing the honors with Talk Left which is an honor in itself.

Scott started his blog long after Last One Speaks was launched but has been blogging circles around us since day one. He has (deservedly) far surpassed any small successes we've had along the way including outranking us in the TTLB ecosystem. He's a marauding marsupial - we're only an adorable rodent over here.

If you're not already reading Grits every day, check out his blog from the top and just keep scrolling to see why he merits the accolades. There's so much there this week, I can't even pick one post to highlight.

Good work Scott. You do the drug policy reform movement proud.


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