Friday, February 25, 2005

US and China ally on drugs

I have a bad feeling about this. Karen Tandy on behalf of the DEA along with her counterpart in China signed a Memorandum of Intent to establish a Bilateral Drug Intelligence Working Group. "The two agencies will exchange information on enforcement methods, drug trends, money laundering techniques, and trafficking organizations, according to a press release issued by the DEA."

China, holder of a major chunk of our national debt, and the US don't agree on much these days but they found common ground on the war on some drugs. The press focuses on meth interdiction which on the surface would seem to be a reasonable aim, but keep in mind that China wrote the book on human rights violations. They don't jail as many people as the US does for drug violations but that may be because they favor capital punishment for offenders. Not to mention little experiments in reducing drug demand such as drilling holes in addict's skulls.

They speak of lofty goals and dismantling international cartels now but mark my words, what will come of this unholy alliance is more diabolical methods of harassing low level dealers and consumers.


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