Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Truth Laid Bare

Blogger seems to having coding issues at the server again so just a quick word on the TTLB ecosystem. It's one of those things I signed up for but never looked at again, mainly because I never have time to figure out how to check the stats and then, after a while I forget I signed up in the first place. Glad Scott brought it up because I was about to lose benefits for not putting a link on the site.

Anyway, I see Pete, who started Drug WarRant just about the same time we launched LOS, ranked in Marauding Marsupial category as well. Pete is another one who blogs circles around me. Not only that he gets speaking gigs and congrats to him for almost getting interviewed on MSNBC. Sorry that didn't work out but after reading about his speech to the Libertarians - I had an epiphany. He should be running for office. The Statehouse could use a man like him and so could we.

Being only an adorable rodent by the way is not such a bad ranking considering we never do anything particularly important and don't promote ourselves much. We're still #3053 out of 20,625 blogs. Not so shabby for a quirky little blog that spends an inordinate amount of time talking about birds.

Meanwhile, in a moment of supreme irony, Tongue Tied placed as a large mammal in the ecosystem, ranking far above LOS. A look at the stats however reveals that 2 of his top 10 posts were mine. Not so bad for only having been there for 9 days and the graph between 2/11 and 2/20 shows a significant spike during Jim's and my stint there. I think that vindicates the two of us. Clearly the readers wanted to hear what we had to say. One can only surmise, we got kicked off because FoxNews didn't.


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