Wednesday, February 23, 2005

TongueTied - the second last word

First of all, my apologies to those of you folks who come here looking for news and find yet another post on my personal political firestorm. Secondly, let me apologize to the readers of TongueTied for painting you all with such a broad brush. I didn't get a chance to proof the last post until now and clearly I was a little cranky today. It sounded pretty mean so let me also apologize to Crumpy who all that mean stuff was actually directed to. Forgive my unkind words.

I'm going to edit just a little but leave it up though, because it's the honest thing to do. And it's a good reminder for myself. I let Crump irritate me to the point where I lost my composure. He has a right to his opinion as we all do.

It may surprise you to learn that I have many friends who are Republicans. They're reasonable, intelligent and good people whose friendship I cherish and am proud to claim. We found we could disagree and still respect each other's opinions. It was in that spirit that I went into the gig at TT and I'm sorry my thoughtless words this afternoon diminished that intent because I know there are many more of you who fit the profile of my friends, than not. Thanks to Craig for reminding me of that with his extraordinarily polite email.

The point being, we are not as different as we may think. None of us are bad people and it's unfortunate we were denied the chance to discover that at TT in such an unpleasant manner.


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