Monday, February 28, 2005

Going to push for the Bush

"Pushing Back provides up to the minute news on the Drug Czar, his staff, and other national efforts that 'push back' against the drug problem in America."

They're billing Pushing Back as the drug czar's new blog although I have a feeling John Walters probably doesn't even read it. It has archives going back to Oct 04 consisting of exactly seven posts and it's clear he hasn't written a word of it himself. And God knows who designed it - the nauseating content aside, it's an ugly page and the white on blue text is eye-straining.

I didn't get far in my reading on account of that but it's interesting they're taking credit for pushing drug courts which I consider to be a miniscule reform in drug policy. If memory serves that crowd had to be forcefed the concept and fought it all the way. Now that the efficacy of the system has been demonstrated, they're all for them? What's that old saying about success having a thousand fathers?

Otherwise a quick scan yields up the usual stinking pile of disinformation that appears to be material already released. Something about seeing it all archived together though, unless you're good at pushing back your retch instinct - do not read immediately after eating.


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