Friday, October 15, 2004

Weekend review

Talk Left posted a roundup on the drug czar's war against cannabis initiatives this week. Pete at Drug WarRant expounds further on the situation in Montana and posts an amusing essay that spanks deputy czar Scott Burns for interfering there.

Jim at Vice Squad asks the question, why is quasi-legal pot less expensive than legally prescribed marijuana, especially when the underground herb is usually of better quality?

Baylen has a thoughtful post up on the RNC's attack on Kerry for his record on drug policy reform. Baylen rightly cautions against irrational exuberance about these remarks. This guy is still standing up and boasting about having been a cop all his life and as far as I know, he hasn't joined LEAP yet. Not to mention, Rand Beers is still lurking in the background waiting for a cabinet post.

I still think we should vote for Kerry of course. But let's not get too excited.


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