Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sunday reading

The WaPo has another good editorial on Jonathan Magbie's tragic death.

Happy Birthday to Pete Guither at Drug WarRant. Pete has a lot posted including an excellent analysis on Bush and Kerry. Keep scrolling.

Baylen at D'alliance has a bunch of great posts up as well, including this and my favorite - an appeal to legalize drugs written by Dear Abby ten years ago. Who knew?

Vice Squad has a thoughtful post on coerced treatment and a warning on the hazards of buying confiscated cars from the US Customs department.

Decrimwatch has his eye trained on the latest news out of the mid-west. Read it all, especially this post on a growing movement to bring agricultural hemp back to Illinois.

Scott at Grits for Breakfast has so much up, I can't pick one post to highlight there either. Just start at the top.

Meanwhile Sister Geoff has some wise words on the silliness of prohibition.

And finally Jeralyn of Talk Left takes at look at Jules Siegel's piece at Alternet on The Doper Vote. I'm astounded at the comments. Jules is right, so many otherwise progressive thinking people continue to buy into the myth that all cannabis consumers are irresponsible stoned out waste cases. I left a comment there myself even though it's a two day old post, just to have it on record.


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