Monday, October 11, 2004
Hot Date - details

It went very well I thought. It didn't even feel like a real date at all and Chet was happy to hear I didn't want to go the Neil Diamond tribute after all. We stayed at the picnic.

I love going to parties where I don't know anyone but the person I came with. It makes for interesting conversation and I met a lot of the marina crowd that I don't get to meet at Maki and Jamie's parties. I of course immediately forgot everyone's name but I'm clear our host and chef was Ken and I believe his lovely wife is Mary.

The food, and it was indeed done with a Portuguese theme, was fabulous and Ms. TV dinner girl here, ate way too much of it to describe it all. Standouts were definitely the sweet potato chips (made on the spot in a deep fryer from their own homegrown potatoes), the Portuguese pork chops, the kale soup and the undeniably best onion rings I've ever had in my life.

We stayed until well after dark and it was a little cold down there but they had a roaring fire going that kept you warm enough to make it fun to watch the vast expanse of sky go dark. The only down side was that it was overcast so there were no stars.

Chet was the perfect date. He didn't hover around me but made sure I was taken care of and when he drove me home, he was a perfect gentleman and the obligatory goodbye kiss was sweet and respectful. I doubt if we'll ever be a couple but I think we'll probably hang out again.


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