Sunday, October 24, 2004
They call this Smart?

The Air Force has come up with a real doozy here. They've just modified their drug testing program, ironically named Smart Testing, by targeting Airmen most likely to use the substances. And by what complicated and fairly applied and conclusive criteria do they make this judgment?

Col. Wayne Talcott, community protection division chief of the Air Force Medical Support Agency at Brooks City-Base, Texas [said], "What we are really trying to do with Smart Testing is target the portion of our population that has the highest prevalence of drug use - That is basically 18-25 year olds."

They plan to increase the frequency of testing on the target group, which makes up 40% of the AF's end strength, while testing those 26 yrs old and older at a less frequent rate.

Colonel Talcott said the system is fair because names are chosen at random by computer.

And he seems to think this excuses age based discrimination.

Because names are put back into the system and because they are drawn randomly, individuals cannot predict when they will be tested, or how many times they will be tested during the year, Colonel Talcott said

He appears to be unconcerned that the names were entered in the pool for unequal treatment in the first place, based on a criteria that does not establish probable cause in my mind. I can't believe this is even legal much less worthwhile.

This will simply drive the drug takers to use drugs that pass through the system quickly and those are the chemical ones like meth. Trust me on this, you sure don't want an Air Force flying high on that.


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