Sunday, October 24, 2004

Raich v. Ashcroft on line

Thanks to Steven Couch, (who I hope can find time to rejoin us in Detroit next week), for pointing me to this link at Volokh to the Merits Brief for the Respondents in the case. Randy Barnett, who co-authored the brief, posts:

I am very excited about our brief and am looking forward to the oral argument in the Supreme Court on November 29th. We are also supported by some very thoughtful and powerfully argued amicus briefs. The attorneys in the Solicitor General's Office now have their work cut out for them in writing their reply, which is due just 11 days before the oral argument.

There's links to the long list of Amici Briefs as well, authored by every major name in the reform movement joined by many medical organizations and even respondents from the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

We're facing the election of a lifetime, the Red Sox are currently winning 2-0 and the US Supreme Court will be entertaining oral arguments on these briefs just over a month from now. In the words of Bob Dylan:

The times, they are a'changin...


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