Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Photo by Susan T. Wehren
Has horse, will travel

It was great to hear from Howard Wooldridge this week who just returned from an extended LEAP speaking tour in Alaska. He was invited for only 2 engagements but ended up speaking 6 times to 300 people and on the radio 4 times including a debate on NPR with Web Shea, the biggest opponent of the legalization bill. Needless to say
Howard kicked Shea's butt in that one.

As Howard modestly puts it, "I met all the major coordinators, heard the commercials on radio and TV, etc and I was very impressed. The ads are perfect for Alaska, the staffers are working together (3 groups) & the opposition is so far quite weak."

Meanwhile, I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell his horse Misty. Howard has decided to saddle up and take Misty on the road again next year on behalf of legalization. If you have a barn and bed you can offer for a night, let him know.


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