Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oh no, another 15 minutes of fame for Noho

Thanks to Daniel Markham for sending me this link to a NYT piece on lovely downtown Northampton. I hate to see it in a way because every time they write about us, we get another influx of 'outsiders'. I read this piece and realize just how gentrified this town has already become.

In the old days they used to call us stuff like, the new Seattle and punk rock capital of the world. Now the edgy artists are fleeing to Easthampton and beyond and the chain stores just keep proliferating on Main Street while the family businesses are moving out of downtown.

Don't get the idea that I don't welcome newcomers but the latest crowd, who drove up the real estate prices by bidding up to 40% over the asking price, now want to change everything. They complain about the characters and the night life that gave the town its cachet in the first place.

I don't know, but when the city council starts debating a noise ordinance, I start thinking it may be close to time to move on myself.


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