Monday, October 18, 2004

A mother's story on MMJ in Montana

Teresa Michalski of Helena, Montana loved her son Travis so much she was willing to break the law to obtain some relief for him. Travis who suffered from Hodgkin's lymphoma until he recently died endured tremendous pain at the end of his life and his parents did what they had to do to obtain the one thing that relieved his discomfort. They went out and found some marijuana for him.

"It was scary because that's not part of our culture," Michalski said. "His dad and I went to certain bars that we thought marijuana users might frequent.
"They were real leery of us, but we kind of hung out a couple of times and told our story," she said. "Finally, we built a trust relationship."

Meanwhile, our deputy drug czar is touring Montana, using your tax dollars by the way, to fight against the state's attempt to pass a humane initiative on MMJ.

"To date, no one has said that marijuana is a medicine," said Scott Burns, the deputy White House drug czar. "It's not. We have much better ways of treating an illness than smoking a weed." he said.

So he expects you to believe that terminally ill people are willing to risk arrest to take something that doesn't work better than the pharmaceutical poisons they are currently being prescribed legally?

The prohibition profiteers like to scare you with this sort of drivel and when all else fails pretend to be concerned about the effect these initiatives will have on children. It's such bullshit. Teaching our children that the government is willing to undertake humane policy to ease the sick's suffering seems to me to be a pretty darn good civics lesson.

The only thing at risk here is the drug czar and his deputy's salaries.


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