Friday, October 08, 2004

More on Israeli use of cannabis to treat PTSD

We spoke about this before here, when it was first proposed and the program is finally being started. THC in a liquid form will be given to 15 soldiers over the next several months in an effort to fight post-traumatic stress disorder. Raphael Mechoulam of Jerusalem's Hebrew University, the chief researcher behind the project said this will be the first time it's been used to treat this condition.

Symptoms can be eased by painkillers and psychological treatment but THC could speed up the process, or at least reduce the number of traumatic episodes, said Mechoulam. He was among a group of researchers that first isolated THC in 1964.

"If given two or three times a day, it lasts about six hours at a time," Mechoulam said at his office in the university's School of Pharmacy.

This doesn't mean the Israeli army will allow unauthorized use of cannabis, a permit is required to participate in the program and the THC is being administered in those cases "where nothing else seems to work."

As is so often true, nature provides the best medicine and this is more evidence that 5,000 years of medicinal marijuana use can't be wrong.


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