Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Magbie vigil continues

Loretta Nall checks in with an update on the ongoing protest in front of the Judge Retchin's courthouse. Loretta continues her vigil and reports on only one incident of police misconduct. A couple of howdy beefburgers on the local force apparently got in her face about being there, but she stood them down. In contrast, she was also approached by the federal marshall who was assigned to take Jon Magbie to the jail from the courtroom. She reports on the conversation.

He said he was called to the courthouse to pick him up and was expecting just another regular person convicted for smoking pot to be there waiting on him. He said when he saw Magbie and his condition he was shocked and upset that a person like that could be sent to jail. He said he felt like the lowest piece of scum on earth for having to drive him to jail and that he felt deep down that something horrible might happen.

He told me when he read the story in the Post a few days later he broke down and cried like a baby. He said he felt responsible to a degree but that as a federal marshal he had to do what he was told.

I thanked him mightily for coming over and talking to me and told him what had just happened with the other cops. He looked disgusted by their actions. He then told me that pot should be legal and that most people even on the federal side as well as regular civilian police officers felt that way as well from what he could tell.

Loretta is also gaining supporters among the passerbys. Three of these guys were on their way into the courthouse and knew Magbie personally.

They offered to be part of Loretta's intended confrontation in Retchin's courtroom. That may too strong a word, she plans to unfurl the banner inside the courtroom while the judge is presiding. Retchin managed to slip out the back door yesterday before they could do it, but Loretta vows to stay in DC until she accomplishes this task.

And how cool is it that Jay Leno mentioned the US Marijuana Party in his monologue? A snarky comment but nonetheless, the NY Times reports he said, "I read today in the Times that John Kerry has now received the endorsement from the National Marijuana Party. Well, good luck getting those people out to the polls!"

Good luck indeed for the candidate who gets their votes. Mark my words, the cannabis consumers will have a bigger impact on this election than anyone expects.

Meanwhile, in Vermont the US Marijuana party is fielding Cris Ericson as a candidate for governor. We wish her the best of luck on the campaign trail.


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