Friday, October 08, 2004

Kisses from Holland

I feel terrible about neglecting this blog so shamelessly these days and I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through this election season. I'm fighting against the war on some drugs at the DetNews blog as well though. This week I put up two posts on Drug Abuse in the White House. Check them out here and here. The reference to libel in the second one arises from an accusation against me by another blogger.

Meanwhile, I love that people are starting to leave more comments here. Welcome to new reader Werner Toonstra who left some kind words and sends those kisses from Holland. Werner has a website of his own and just to prove that I really did lose track of contemporary music after 1978, I didn't recognize Pearl Jam in the video clip there. I thought it might be his own band.

I've also discovered that there's another women's blog that was nice enough to put me on their blogroll. What She Said appears to have been around for a while and I'm honored to be included in that long list of women who blog politics.

And speaking of women, I finally tracked down the lovely Louise Farrelly who was looking even more gorgeous than ever. This might be explained by her new (not to mention young and attractive) beau. It certainly explains her sudden absence. Sorry for all you guys who were dragging your feet waiting to ask her for a date. It's too late now.

For my part, it was great to finally have a long session of girl talk with her. I know you're reading this Louise, so don't be stranger. Call me sometime.


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