Monday, October 11, 2004
Kerry on medical marijuana

I know a lot of you think it makes no difference whether there's a Republican or a Democrat in the White House and usually you're right. But this election it's not about party affiliation, it about the men and Bush has pushed the war on some drugs into a frenzied vendetta against cannabis, arresting terminally ill people in their wheelchairs for admitting a plant gives them relief that a pharmacuetical medication cannot.

Kerry has publicly taken a different stand and while it's not much, it's sure as hell better than watching Bush continue to waste your tax dollars escalating his attack on our sick citizens.

...Kerry said at a campaign forum last year that his "disposition is personally favorable" to marijuana as medicine, but that he would await further scientific studies before taking a definitive stand. He also criticized mandatory minimum prison sentences for first offenders and called for more drug education and treatment.

I know talk is cheap but at least Kerry is saying the right things, George is definitely not. With Bush you can expect more of the same and worse. With Kerry at least it will be something different. Please consider this when you cast your vote.

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