Thursday, October 14, 2004

John Walters disinformation tour

Your favorite drug czar and mine is at it again. Walters was speaking in Alabama at a "news conference to announce $150,000 in new federal funding he said would go to a regional program that fights cocaine and marijuana trafficking." (Read that as blood money for another corrupt drug task force that is more likely to harass innocent people than solve the meth problem.) In responding to questions on the meth epidemic in the state, he said:

"The reality is this: The same drug use survey that showed we had an 11 percent decline in teenage drug use showed we had a 13.5 percent decline in teenage methamphetamine use."

If that's his reality, you have to wonder what planet he is living on. Of course he doesn't mention that the study was bought and paid for by prohibition profiteers who would lose their cushy positions if the war on some drugs ends. Meanwhile the money is earmarked for cocaine and cannabis - hardly the worst problem they're dealing with in Bama.

Your tax dollars at waste.


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