Saturday, October 09, 2004
Kick that drug or we'll kick you

Preston posts a new feature article at that reports on Recovery in Russia - Inside a detox gulag. The harrowing details are not comfortable reading.

"On the first day we beat them with belts until their buttocks turn blue," says Igor Varov, a co-founder of City Without Drugs.
The controversial practice usually involves some 300 lashes. "Every week we have to buy a new belt because they go too soft, but we have been impressed with the quality of Gucci belts," Varov explains.

It gets worse.

After a rigorous beating, the recovering junkies are then handcuffed to a bed where they undergo the agonies of withdrawal while living on a strict diet of bread and water.

Those who make it through this harrowing ordeal and are considered drug-free graduate to performing harsh physical labor and other errands in a starkly ascetic environment. Any backsliding by these newly-liberated addicts invites violent reprisals.

The typical stay is 12 months. Read the whole thing and be glad you don't live there.


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